My name is Christy, and as a 22-year-old Asian American daughter to two Taiwanese immigrants, I have had more exposure to Asian popular culture than I care to elaborate on in an About page. In short, more than half my life has been dedicated to the brainwash that is Asian pop music, media, and drama. Sometimes, this has been voluntary, other times, against my own will (thank you very much, parents). The result of growing up this way? Me, having a whole lot opinions and questions about East Asian culture, but nowhere to put those thoughts into words.

Because while I do have my outlets for fandom discussion and other places to talk about fashion and culture individually, there was never really a venue where I felt comfortable rambling on about all of these things together. Thus, the creation of this blog. A culmination of all things I have to say and all the things I see when it comes to popular culture (and fashion!). I’ll pick apart the things I understand and indulge in my own questions on the things I don’t. I confess that my scope is quite limited, but I’m always looking to expand my base of knowledge.

Oh! And I also tumble (ocassionally). And instagram (a lot). I have snapchat too, but I never give out my handle on the first date ;)

Current Recs
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Poems by Arthur Rimbaud
It's Strange - Louis the Child
Lift Me Up - Headhunterz
Cold Stares - Nosaj Thing

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