April Showers Bring May Flowers

Flower power has been a prominent in fashion even before the day's of Woodstock, and these days it's basically a given that floral prints will come back in some way or shape during this time of year. It's a really great way to add some flare to what could otherwise be a boring outfit (e.g. t-shirt + jeans). Though I think it's gone a little overboard in recent years, let's face it, there's really never a better season than Spring to wear flowers. Floral has it's ability to go awfully wrong, but I'm really loving some styles I've been seeing lately - many of which are reminiscent of the 90's.

Similar at Dr. Martens.

One of my favorites are floral Dr. Marten's (above), which were were popularized by Sienna Miller a while back and basically made floral a staple in the Dr. Marten's collection. This one is actually a vintage pair whose print tends to appeal to a more niche market, but the company has come out with other floral styles that are more subdued and attractive to the masses.

And though my Facebook feed keeps getting filled with wildly inappropriate American Apparel ads (seriously you guys, there's more than one way to sell your products...), one upside is that I was introduced to the newest addition to their spring lineup, which has otherwise been filled with pastel colors. They've added lots of bright, fun prints.

The collection is currently at select stores and will apparently hit the online store sometime this season and was just put online today.

Courtesy of American Apparel.

courtesy of American Apparel.

And just in case I haven't overwhelmed you enough with floral yet:

Forever 21, Mirrored Floral Chiffon Shirt, retails 19.80 USD.

River Island, Pink Floral Pinafore Skirt, retails 44.00 USD.

Urban Outffiters, MINKPINK In the Grass Jean Short, 69.00 USD.

Asos, Joyrich Floral Varsity Jacket, retails 244.44 USD.

Free People, Vintage Floral Buttondown Top, retails 168.00 USD

Mod Cloth, Conference Calm Bag, retails 69.99 USD

Clearly, Jeffrey Campbell is also getting into the floral trend as well this season, albeit in a more subtle way.

Jeffrey Campbell, Study Buds Flat, retails 156 USD.
Jeffrey Campbell, Lita Daisy Shoe in Tan (also made in White and Black), retails 160 USD.

And lastly...Floral headbands. While these have the potential to veer a little too outlandish, they can be a perfect and inexpensive DIY project for festivals like Coachella or even just a trip to the beach.

P.S. I am available on any of the Coachella weekends if anyone happens to have an extra pass. *winkwink* :)

Urban Outfitters, Gardenhead Frida Floral Halo Headwrap, retails 65.00 USD.
Urban Outfitters, Gardenhead Princess Halo Headwrap, retails 24.00 USD.

I actually own very few floral pieces in my closet, but given the chance, I'd love to go shopping for some. Alas, I've already blown my shopping budget on another splurge - which will be coming up in another post.

Anyone else getting the into feel of flower power? Let me know what you think in the comments below! If you'd like, tweet me @mildlyfree on Twitter or follow me @mildlyfree on Instagram.

A/N - I'm not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned.

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  1. Such pretty floral incorporated pieces! I love the soft feminine feel that they give. I've accumulated a few floral pieces in my closet but would love to add more once it's spring again. :) Looking forward to your next haul post love! x