Asian Fashion: Spring Looks

Asian style is interesting in that fashion trends can go be "in" one day and "out" the next. It's so easy for youth to follow trends closely because street wear is generally made to be very cheap. The quality may be poor, but it won't break your buck every time a new trend starts up again. Since fashion is so experimental around those parts, it's really hard to narrow down the trends currently out there - a lot of which can really swing in different directions in terms of actually being stylish. If you've heard of "FOB" fashion in either a negative or positive light, you'll know what I mean.

For most of my teen years, Asian fashion had been notorious for its outlandishness (a la poorly constructed English words screen printed on shirts, tacky screen prints, going overboard with the cute, etc.). But lately I've noticed myself liking some styles out there more and more. It must be a combination of the newer trends being more of my taste, as well as the fact that my style has also evolved drastically in the past few years. Also - the interesting thing about the trendiness of Asian fashion is that trends tend to hit there before heading to the Western hemisphere. Keeping an eye on Asian trends (particularly Japanese fashion) is a fantastic way to look out for what might be popular in the states in the future.

Even though it looks like nowadays, Eastern and Western fashion is converging, the Eastern interpretation of it is always a nice breath of fresh air. And also, though I didn't include many of these types of pictures in the post, I find that some of these Asians have an amazing knack for combining brights and primary colors in a very tasteful way.

Here are some styles scoring major points with me right now. FYI, in case it isn't obvious enough, I love, love, love the androgynous styles!