Trend Report: Wax Coated Jeans

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Wax coated jeans have been around for a while, but I never really took notice to them until my workplace started to carry them in the past month or two. While the old high school and unfashionable me would turn the other cheek at the funky trend, but I've since learned to keep an open eye when it comes to style.

So, I've really begun to take a liking to the shiny (yet not too metallic-y) look of waxed of jeans. In fact, I'm actually entertaining the idea of possibly investing in a pair! They are so versatile and really have the potential to look good with anything from a loose fitting band tee to a classy, feminine blouse.

This winter season definitely saw a rise in brighter, festive colors of waxed jeans. The fun metallic colors are definitely very eye-catching! And while in general, quality wax coated jeans seem to run at a higher price range than regular jeans, but I'm thinking it's a pretty decent bang for your buck, and many of these colors are starting to go on sale as the holiday season begins to wind down in the coming months.

Joe's Jeans, The Skinny in Two Toned Waxed, retails 189.00 USD (currently on sale for 114.99 USD)

Hudson, Krista Super Skinny Wax Coated Jeans, retails 189.00 USD (more colors, currently on sale from 110.99-170.99 USD)

But personally, what I'm really digging is the most are the basic black wax coated jeans. The coat of wax gives the jean almost a leather-like quality, so it's a great "training wheel" for those who aren't so eager to take the leap and pay an arm and leg for a pair of leather pants.

Personally, I'd even prefer the waxed jeans over leather because leather pants are almost too shiny and waxy. Waxed jeans, on the other hand, are more wearable and so easy to style because despite the unique sheen, they are still very true to what they really are - a jean.

Levi's, Demi Curve Coated Skinny, retails 88 USD.

Still, if you're not in the mood to fork over more than $100 for a pair of these pants, I've spotted similar styles at Target, JCPenney, and Dr. Jays.

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So what do you guys think of this trend? Do you think it's great and can't wait for it to stay for good, or are you just waiting for this storm to blow over? Let me know what you think in the comments below! If you'd like, tweet me @mildlyfree on Twitter or follow me @mildlyfree on Instagram.


  1. When I saw the picture of the wax coated jeans it definitely caught my attention, because of the seamless fit it seems to have. But, the idea of calling a pair of jeans wax coated just turned me off XD when I think of wax I think of badly manufactured chocolate that doesn't disintegrate in your mouth because it's so waxy and crap. Other than that, I never knew this type/style of jean even existed (I blame my disinterest in fashion)I just love the overall seamless/smooth look to be honest, I find that the normal usual jean unless it's skin tight isn't seamless at all. Great post! ^^

    1. I totally understand what you mean - wax just doesn't sound very appealing at all, lol. And I def agree that the smooth look is nice, since it makes the jean look more dressy/fancy. Glad you liked this post :)