Thrifting at the De Anza Flea Market

The De Anza College Flea Market is the first Saturday of every month and also one of the biggest flea markets in the South Bay. While I don't get the chance to go often, it's always a fun time whenever I visit. From vintage goods to potted plants and used books, this flea market is definitely full of interesting knick knacks. Though there were tons of awesome things, I didn't end up picking anything up. Instead, I do have a bunch of pictures to share ^^ Enjoy!

The flea market spans at least 3 parking lots at the college!

 Tons, and I mean tons, of random stuff. I wish my room wasn't so cluttered already or I would have picked up some things to use as decor.

 Probably my favorite booth. This guy was literally selling the most random things - from clothes to designer handbags to dartboards. You name it, he probably has it!

Tons of jewelry!! Has anyone bought vintage earrings before? I saw some nice pairs, but there's a certain ick factor for me when I think of wearing used earrings...

Very cute boutique-in-a-truck. There things were more understandably expensive, though, since it's new items.

Saw lots of vintage designer shoes, too. Adore the nude Ferragamo flats, but the size was WAY too big :(

And that's all! Luckily it wasn't too chilly that weekend because I had such a great time just shopping around. I'm definitely going to come back next month. Do any of you like thrifting, and where do you go for your second-hand goodies? Let me know if you've found any one-of-a-kind gems through thrifting in the comments! If you'd like, tweet me @mildlyfree on Twitter or follow me @mildlyfree on Instagram.


  1. I haven't been thrift shopping in so long that I forgot what it feels like to find amazing things. Ever since Sunday shopping trading in Perth has been in practice I dont know if they still have flea markets each week - since they were always located in the parking lots of the shops. I've once bought taiwanese face masks for cheap :D

    1. Can I ask what Sunday shopping trading is? Sounds interesting! I love thrifting and going to flea markets, but it can be so exhausting sometimes to sift through everything x__x Thanks for stopping by!

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