Fall/Winter '12 Collective Haul

Back in New York, I had been meaning to do hauls for the longest time. After all, there's never NOT a good time to go shopping in the big city! And since I had started working again, I had a little extra cash to spend on vanity purchases, lol. But time got the best of me, and I just never got a chance to even blog about a single haul :(

So I've decided that I'm just going to combine some of my favorite finds from the last few months into one collective haul. And it actually turns out that there is a central theme to many of these pieces - many of them are very much what I would consider to be pretty basic "essentials" - button up collars, blazers, and pullovers.

(Just a warning, since I went a little crazy with the shopping, this is going to be a little photo-heavy, so click below to see the whole post.)

B/W Contrast Trim Blouse - ASOS
Cost: 35.18 USD (RRP: 68.60 USD)
Notes: I've been wanting a top like this for a while, and am so glad to finally have scored it on sale at ASOS! It's slightly big on me since there were no more in my size and I had to get a size up, but it looks fine since the cut was supposed to be relaxed anyways. I just really love the quality of the blouse, it's super comfortable and I plan on wearing it A LOT through the rest of winter and into springtime.

Grid Pattern Sweater - Forever 21
Cost: 15.96 USD
Notes: I actually don't shop at Forever 21 much anymore, since they've disappointed me so often with their great styles but dreadful quality. Many pieces from them have seen the end of their days after the first few washes, so I've just refrain from going to their store much anymore. But I went in one day and was pleasantly surprised some of the items in the store, and ended up buying this knit pullover. It's a really cute pattern and looks fantastic over a collared shirt!

Wool Blend Blazer - Forever 21
Cost: 10.80 USD (RRP: unknown)
Notes: My other F21 buy, which I probably wouldn't have bought if the price wasn't so great! I don't remember the original price, but any nice, lined coat is for this price is a steal in my book. It actually has a more of a boyfriend fit, and definitely love the preppy look you get when wearing it with a collared blouse, skinnies, and oxfords.

Chambray Ex-Boyfriend Shirt - Madewell
Cost: 48.72 USD each (RRP: 69.50 USD each)
Notes: Okay, so before you start going off about how crazy I am for buying two shirts of the same cut - I know, I'm insane. But if you've seen my past post about my denim obsession, you might understand. I'd actually been craving a high-low denim shirt for a while now, and I happened to come across the 30% off everything sale Madewell was having last December and figured, why not? As it turns out, it wasn't such a smart idea, since I came out of the store with these two. But I definitely think these were a good investment - light and dark denim can each create a unique look in an outfit.

Blouse with Sequin Collar - H&M
Cost: approx. 29.00 USD
Notes: Another pretty basic blouse that was from H&M. I just really love the flowy, relaxed fit of the top. The sequins are actually really difficult to tame, but I like the look of it anyways since the sequins are just plain white and not anything too crazy or flashy.

Cream Fitted Blazer - H&M
Cost: 20.00 USD (RRP 49.90)
Notes: While I haven't gotten the chance to wear this yet, I actually think this is one of the best deals I've gotten! Got this around the time of their Black Friday sale. This blazer is such good quality, and the fabric isn't the conventional blazer material. In hindsight, I wish I had taken a more shots of it, but it's more of textured material and is a woven fabric. There is a piping (?) around the neckline, and the backside also has an unconventional detail. I think I'm going to have to do an OOTD with this blazer to show you guys how awesome this is ^^

Crushed Velvet Skirt - Joe Fresh
Cost: 9.00 USD (RRP 19.00 USD)
Notes: Another Black Friday buy! This store opened up in NYC around last Spring or previous Fall, I believe, and I really like some of the clothes they carry. But I actually never got purchased anything from them until I saw this skirt. It's so nice and soft, and I'm definitely into velvet right now! And when I saw that there were pockets, it was just all out love. There was a black version that I wish I had also gotten, but honestly, I'm just glad I at least got this one.

The Camden Bag in English Saddle - Madewell
Cost: approx. 66.50 USD (RRP 118.00 USD)
Notes: Another Madewell buy. I had been meaning to save up for a Cambridge satchel, but ended up getting this to fill that craving. And it worked! This is my on-the-go bag, and while on the small side, can fit all my essentials. It's probably a better investment, anyways, since I hear that the Cambridge satchel may scratch easily in clumsy hands (that's me...) and the buckle closure is inconvenient. And Madewell also does engraving, so I might drive up to the San Francisco store one of these days to get my initials engraved on there.

Heather Boot in Black Leather - ShoeMint
Cost: 79.97 USD (RRP 119.97)
Notes: I wrote about these a while back in my riding boots blog post, and these shoes have since become a closet staple for me. I wore them all the time in New York, which is probably obvious from the wear around the ankles. But they really do go with anything! Many bloggers talk about how the shoe quality is comparable to Steve Madden, and while I'm not sure I would totally agree, I definitely think these are a darn good price for what you're getting (esp. in comparison to other boots in this price range). The shoes came to me in a more matted look, so I waxed and buffed them up a bit to give them a shine.

Hugh in Cherry Red Velvet Blossom - Dr. Martens (bought from Legend Footwear UK)
Cost: 78.42 USD (RRP 130 USD, now 98 USD on DM website)
Notes: Okay, side note - at this point, I'm getting pretty tired of writing these description thingies, heh. So short story is, these shoes are great, comfortable, and were a steal. They do make my feet look bigger, but it doesn't bother me.

Phew! That was a lot more than I thought I would be posting. If you couldn't tell, I always love a good sale item, too ^^ Hope you enjoyed this haul, feel free to let me know what you think of these items or brands in the comments! If you'd like, tweet me @mildlyfree on Twitter or follow me @mildlyfree on Instagram.


  1. Great BUYS! I don't think this comment would express how great your buys were, because they're classic timeless pieces that don't go out of fashion. In particular I love the contrast trim blouse, chambray ex-boyfriend shirt, blouse with sequin collar and the crushed velvet skirt. I've been in search everywhere for a velvet skirt but to no avail I can't find one! The thing about velvet skirts is that they immediately add an interesting contrast to any outfit because of the fabric it's made out of. I'd love to see with what you would pair the contrast blouse with. The contrast blouse was another item I'm in search of, but when I saw it in the shop it was super expensive and I'm not prepared to fork out a lot of money for a blouse XD. So, I'll wait for it to go on sale! Great buys!

    1. Thanks!...though I really need to start curbing my spending, lol. I think I've seen actually some velvet skirts being sold on eBay for pretty cheap, you may want to check that out. They're definitely worth the investment because they're so versatile! And hope you get to find a contrast blouse, I spent ages looking for one too, and am so glad I was finally able to snatch one up ^^