Style Icon: Alexa Chung

It'd be hard to find somebody to top Alexa Chung on my list of favorite style icons, heck, even my list of favorites in entertainment. I totally have a girl crush on her - she's the embodiment of vintage, effortless, and grungy-yet-feminine fashion. Alexa has a distinctively quirky style has been largely responsible for the surge in geek-chic fashion these past few years.

Thrifting at the De Anza Flea Market

The De Anza College Flea Market is the first Saturday of every month and also one of the biggest flea markets in the South Bay. While I don't get the chance to go often, it's always a fun time whenever I visit. From vintage goods to potted plants and used books, this flea market is definitely full of interesting knick knacks. Though there were tons of awesome things, I didn't end up picking anything up. Instead, I do have a bunch of pictures to share ^^ Enjoy!

Fall/Winter '12 Collective Haul

Back in New York, I had been meaning to do hauls for the longest time. After all, there's never NOT a good time to go shopping in the big city! And since I had started working again, I had a little extra cash to spend on vanity purchases, lol. But time got the best of me, and I just never got a chance to even blog about a single haul :(

So I've decided that I'm just going to combine some of my favorite finds from the last few months into one collective haul. And it actually turns out that there is a central theme to many of these pieces - many of them are very much what I would consider to be pretty basic "essentials" - button up collars, blazers, and pullovers.

(Just a warning, since I went a little crazy with the shopping, this is going to be a little photo-heavy, so click below to see the whole post.)

Trend Report: Wax Coated Jeans

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Wax coated jeans have been around for a while, but I never really took notice to them until my workplace started to carry them in the past month or two. While the old high school and unfashionable me would turn the other cheek at the funky trend, but I've since learned to keep an open eye when it comes to style.

So, I've really begun to take a liking to the shiny (yet not too metallic-y) look of waxed of jeans. In fact, I'm actually entertaining the idea of possibly investing in a pair! They are so versatile and really have the potential to look good with anything from a loose fitting band tee to a classy, feminine blouse.