Goodbye 2012 & OOTD: Red (and) Velvet

Hello and happy New Year's Eve!

How has everyone's holiday been so far? Hope it has been fantastic, whether you're with family or hanging out with friends!

I'm spending my last day of the year quietly at home with the family, and I've finally gotten settled in back at home in Northern California after a huge room clean out and box unpacking. It's been an odd adjustment going from city life back to suburban living, but one good thing is that it's nice to finally be settled in one place. But even though life has been keeping me busy and away from the blog, just because the blog's been empty, it doesn't mean the shopping bug in me has taken a break! So I'm hoping to be bringing in more posts in the new year on thrifting, fashion finds, and even some more serious discussions about fashion/beauty (like this last post about Asian Beauty). But before I get into all of that, I wanted to squeeze in one last outfit of the day before the year ends.

Army jacket - Goodwill
Huntington sweater  - Lucky Brand
Flag heart tank - Brandy Melville
High rise legging - Levi's
Hugh in "Cherry Red Velvet Blossom" - Dr. Marten's
Black satchel - Ecote (from Urban Outfitters)

I wore this last night for a casual hang-out with high school friends, and it felt surprisingly chilly at 55 degrees. But hey - not that I'm complaining, because I hear it's around the 30's in the Northeast these days! Anyhow, if anyone remembers, I essentially wrote a love letter to Dr. Marten pastel shoes, but ended up falling in love with these velvet ones instead and had to grab them! I love them to death, and even more so because they're so unique compared to the classic boots.

Side note, my photos look pretty awful thanks to the poor lighting in my room and bad camera quality, but hopefully I'll be able to get in some outdoor pics next time!

Yay or nay? Let me know what you guys think of this outfit and be sure to leave a comment below.

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