Saddle Up for Riding Boots

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One of the best things about life in the Northeast is that there are essentially three possible boot seasons in a year. And like most women, I love boots to death! They've become such a huge part of my wardrobe since my move from the West, and I'd be reluctant to ever have to give them up for anything. My boot collection has been largely skewed in favor of the relaxed, casual look of brown boots (probably the summery Californian in me talking), but I've since come around to black boots and really like the sleekness they bring to an outfit.

ShoeMint, Heather $119.97

Thus, I've been on the lookout for a nice tall black boot with a low or no heel for a while now. And when I came across the Heather equestrian riding boot on ShoeMint, I fell in love! It wasn't quite the look of the Stuart Weitzman 50/50 that I was coveting, but the Heather boot is definitely more like my style and looks like it was taken straight out of my closet! Riding boots are definitely this season's equivalent of last year's combat boot.

Since it also came in brown, I confess, I struggled a little getting myself to not ordering the brown one instead. But I buckled down and placed the order for the Heather in black, crossing my fingers that I'll love the boot in person.

I've never ordered from ShoeMint, but I've only heard raving reviews about their quality since 1) the shoes are manufactured by Steve Madden and have near identical designs to his main shoe line, and 2) they are actually made of real leather! Though that means the price point is higher than other shoe of the month clubs, I'm okay with that. I'm generally willing to splurge from time to time and pay a little extra buck for quality footwear. Since I'm stuck with these feet for life so I may as well take good care of them!

I am still waiting for the boots to come to me in the mail, but hopefully I'll be able to keep you guys posted on the boots and whether they're a yay or nay.

For now, here are some other riding boots under $200 that I'm digging for this fall.

ALDO Kasbatadla, $190.00 @ Aldo Shoes

Bandlino Caloua, $149.00 (on sale for $129.99) @ Macy's

COLIN STUART Side Lace Riding Boots, $98.00 @ Victoria's Secret

ETIENNE AIGNER Celina, $59.95 @ DSW

VANELI Ritus Boot T Moro, $285 (on sale for $185.25!) @ Jildor Shoes

WHITE MOUNTAIN Chariot $59.95 @ DSW

So, anyone else adoring riding boots this fall? Let me know what's in your boot collection! If you'd like, tweet me @mildlyfree on Twitter or follow me @mildlyfree on Instagram.

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