Saddle Up for Riding Boots

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Giselle Bundchen for Harper's Bazaar

One of the best things about life in the Northeast is that there are essentially three possible boot seasons in a year. And like most women, I love boots to death! They've become such a huge part of my wardrobe since my move from the West, and I'd be reluctant to ever have to give them up for anything. My boot collection has been largely skewed in favor of the relaxed, casual look of brown boots (probably the summery Californian in me talking), but I've since come around to black boots and really like the sleekness they bring to an outfit.

Uniqlo's New Online Store

Hi everyone! It's been pretty crazy lately. I've been keeping busy with school midterms and starting a job. On top of that, Hurricane Sandy, as most of you may know, wreaked havoc in the East Coast this past week. While I got lucky, lots of others in are suffering in the aftermath. To everyone that's been affected by the Frankenstorm that was Sandy, best of luck, wishing you all well on the road to recovery. Now, onto the actual post...

Uniqlo is like the younger, more stylish and chic out-of-towner cousin of GAP. While for the longest time, GAP has been iconic as a casual wear retailer, as of late, they've been in a slump and sales have been in a downward trend. Their previous attempt to update their image with a new logo hasn't worked either (and rightfully so, that design was awful). So this is where Uniqlo comes in. The Japanese brand is equally affordable as GAP, if not cheaper. And it definitely has a very sharp, casual cool vibe, and their campaigns just look smart. Heck, they ARE smart, because last year when they opened two new stores in Manhattan, they had a ton of guerilla advertising throughout subway stations and on buses in the city. A ton of those ads featured various artists/actors/etc. that really promoted the concept that Uniqlo's style can work for just about anybody.