The Denim Connection

Girl's Generation's Tiffany modeling Levis's for W Magazine.

I'll be the first to confess - among all the denim retailers out there, ranging from JBrand to True Religion to Forever 21, I can't deny that I still love me some good ol' Levi's.

Ironically, I used to abhor wearing jeans. My defense was always that they were "so unnatural." Yes, I was that girl who always wore leggings, yoga pants, or track pants to high school...not a proud moment in my life, to be honest. But today, my huge denim collection has proved me a changed person.

Perhaps it was brainwashing of denim history and terminology from the time I spent working at Levi's as a sales associate. Or maybe it's because of the fairly affordable prices they sell at for good quality (thank you, associate discount!). It's probably a mix of both. But whatever the cause is, I've been left a Levi's fan and denim hoarder for life.

In the photos above and below, Tiffany of K-Pop group, Girl's Generation, sports Levi's for a photoshoot for W Magazine.

At the risk of sounding like broken record/product pusher, I'll just say it now - Levi's aren't just your casual mom jeans anymore. As a brand, they've really come to their own in the past few years, updating their ad campaigns for the younger generation while still maintaining their mantra of being the original maker of the blue jean. In other words, classic but still cool.

(Ok...I also think they got really lucky with the surge of vintage/hipster fashion in the past few years.)

After having worked for Levi's for some time, a few things I picked up - okay, a lot of things - from there have become some of my favorites, styles ranging from skinnies to boyfriend jeans. Below are the 535 black jeggings and the skimmer shirt. The jeggings are great because they aren't like typical jeggings that basically feel like a thin legging material with a denim print that becomes too loose and saggy after a few hours. These are actually like real jeans with that denim-y material, except slightly stretchier. I actually got my pair from Macy's during their friends and family sale last spring so they were a lot cheaper

Another favorite not pictured is the ankle skinny jeans from this past spring that was one of the Curve ID jeans. The 27" inseam for that line of skinnies was actually perfect for my short 5'1" stature and didn't cause any bunching at the ankle. A few coworkers got jokes out of the fact that the ankle skinnies turned out to fit like regular skinnies for me, but hey, if the jeans fit, I'm not complaining!

Levi's, 535 Leggings in Black as Night, retails 46.00 USD
Levi's, Skimmer Shirt in Vintage Wash retails 58.00 USD

However, that's not to say I'm a Levi's elitist. I love all denim, whether it's high end or low end, studded, selvedge, or even nothing special at all. There are even the tie-dye jean shorts and crazy nebula prints that I'm thinking of getting for myself.

Some of my favorite brands on the more slightly affordable end include Zara and Urban Outfitters, who I can always trust to carry styles a little more off-beat and unique that are still wearable season after season.

Zara, Shirt with Printed Sleeves, retails 49.90 USD
Urban Outfitters, Urban Renewal Lace Inset Denim Jacket, retails $69.90 USD

And regarding that outdated fashion taboo of wearing denim on denim, I wouldn't be afraid of that in the least. The trick is to wear different shades of blue. There is a delicate balance that needs to be kept to prevent a denim outfit from veering into cowboy territory.

So while I do believe in experimenting with double denim, if you pair a stone wash jacket with stone wash jeans, I will pretend I don't see it.

But what's your take on denim? Should it remain as a pair of pants on your legs or do you also incorporate it into your wardrobe in other ways? Let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer - Neither I nor this blog is affiliated with Levi Strauss & Co. Everything here is my own opinion and I am (sadly) not sponsored by Levi's.

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