Anna Dello Russo for H&M

Collaborations are one of my favorite things about the fashion industry. These sort of projects really allow some designers to design lines that they wouldn't normally be able to put into their regular lines.

But despite my love for fashion collaborations, the release of Anna Dello Russo's collection for H&M totally went over my head! Sure, I might have heard about it long ago and probably saw an email or two from the H&M newsletter about it, but I wasn't all that interested anyways.

It wasn't until a shopping trip last week that I saw the line being sold at the 59th and Lex store. I never expected them to carry it, because they didn't carry the Marni collaboration when it was released this past spring. But lo and behold, there was the display when I went in!

Apparently a lot of popular items were wiped the official launch date, which was the day before I went in, but when I showed up, there were still shelves of merchandise. Products ranged from $24.99 to a whopping $249.

I didn't end up picking anything - I just didn't feel that I liked the accessories enough to the point of dishing out more than fifty dollars for an necklace or bracelet. However, they sure were pretty to look at. I really loved the packaging for them, too. Sure, the box design ended up being more clunky than elegant, but the style was mildly reminiscent of the furniture and decors of Eloise at the Plaza. Somewhat gauche, but cute nevertheless.


Some of my favorites of the collection were the bracelets. I seriously considered maybe buying the emerald snake bracelet or the zebra one, but ultimately decided against it because of the price tag.

Another favorite - the gold heels! The shoe is absolutely gorgeous, however, it's one of those items on the $200+ end of the line because it's leather, so this was a pass for me as well.

What did you guys think of the collection, did you pick up anything? Let me know through the comments below and if you have a picture, tweet me @mildlyfree or tag me @mildlyfree on instagram so I can like the picture!

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  1. I bought the croc necklace but I'm a bit mad that everything went on sale like a week later :(