A Look at Son Ga-in's "Bloom" MV

Son Ga-in's latest solo project, "Talk About S" hit airwaves this past week, and by now I think it's safe to assume that we can always trust the members of Korean pop girl group Brown Eyed Girls (which Ga-in is a part of), to push conventional boundaries and bring something new to the table. Both musically and fashion-wise, that is.

The music video for the title track, 'Bloom' is very fresh and youthful, perfectly suited for the upbeat song about women experiencing love in their 20's. I'm definitely digging the female sexual empowerment thing going on, but what I'm more interested in talking about is her outfits in the video - what worked and what didn't.

If you haven't seen the video, I've included it at the very bottom as well!

First of all, without a doubt, this is my favorite styling of the whole video. It's very girly and conservative without looking like it's from grandma's closet. The delicate details of the collared shirt and the casual look of the sweater slung over Ga-in's shoulders looks flirty and relaxed. For me it actually feels a lot like a Madewell ad.

For those who want to cop the look: I found a similar Forever 21 floral blouse, Urban Outfitters raglan sweater, and we can't see the type of jeans she's wearing, butany sort of skinny jean or cigarette fit would definitely look great. I'd also go with a classy shoe to match such as loafers or oxfords (always love the styles Steve Madden carries).

Another cute and simple outfit, though this one doesn't really stand out in particular. Maybe it's the pretty shot and the cute sheep that really caught my eye, heh. But the school girl trend has been popular this year that I've like, so I do think that the socks with cream colored ballet flats is a nice touch.

Like the other outfit in white, this cable knit sweater and skinny jeans combo doesn't really stand out in terms of fashion, though I like the simple, easy look of it along with the cuffed jeans.

Now that we've covered the outfits I really like, let the style slamfest begin! In hindsight, I might have come off harsher than I meant to be...oops! Really, I love her music and my respect for Ga-in goes leaps and bounds, but that doesn't mean that gets her a free pass automatically. Surprising, I actually think she's able to get away with the poor styling to a certain extent because she's established herself as such a unique fashion icon already and she has charisma to boot. On anybody else it would likely look...terrible.

I'm just really, really just not a fan of these two outfits.

On the upside, I actually like the pops of color from from the light cherry red turtleneck and the fuchsia cropped sweater. I'm definitely feeling the fresh, young, and romantic vibe that she's trying to get at. But where Ga-in loses me is at the shorts and tights combinations she goes with in each outfit. In the first outfit, the black shorts along with the black garters on her tights are aesthetically unflattering and sort of breaks up the intended point of focus (the turtleneck) because it's soooo distracting. For the white shorts she pairs with the cropped sweater, I don't have a problem with the color and think the white is actually a good choice, but the frills...oh my lord. Anyone beyond the age of 8 should not be sporting any kind of frills.

At the end of the day, I don't think the two outfits are completely horrid, but I can't get over the fact that there are so many simple changes the stylists could have made that still kept to the theme.

If anything, for first outfit, at the least I would have gone with these kinds of suspender tights to match instead. They did use suspender tights for the second outfit, but it ended up getting all butchered thanks to those shorts. Back to the frills...when you can't see the them, all is good, and the outfit is actually really cute. But when they do show up, all I can wonder is what the heck the stylist was thinking when she bought those shorts! Lace shorts probably would have been a better, more suitable option.

Okay, so beyond all the negative critiquing, what I can definitely says is I love is all the bright splashes of color as well as the pretty flowers. And the catchy song along with the vibe of this music video is definitely the perfect send-off from Summer to Fall.

What do you guys think of the music video and the fashion Ga-in wears? Tell me in the comments what you thought of it and if there's anything in particular you'd like me to write about in the future, feel free to let me know by either tweeting me @mildlyfree, leave a comment here, or sending me an email via the contact page!

Finally, here's the video if you haven't seen it! Warning, though, there is suggestive content and it's rated 19+ in Korea.


  1. Very interesting post :)
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  2. ga-in is pretty incredible!

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