Trend Report: Collars

Lee Min-jung in Korean drama, Big

I've always had a soft spot for preppy, classy fashion. So when one of my favorite style icons, Alexa Chung, brought back the clean and simple look of peter pan collars this past season, I jumped onto that bandwagon pretty quick. It was a nice change from the crop tops that we've been so used to seeing.

Collared blouses have always been a staple for office professionals, but I think this was the year that they've really come into its own in terms of everyday fashion.

I love that they're a more conservative but still very versatile. They can swing casual or formal depending on the type of pants and accessories worn, and can definitely be worn through the season. Since we're getting into the fall season, I think they look great with a knit sweater layered over.

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In my own wardrobe, among my favorites includes this polka dot blouse, released earlier this year in Jason Wu's Target line. But I find that my go-to is a cream colored one I found in a thrift store. It's made pre-outsourcing years and is overall better quality than some of my other shirts. These blouses are one of the easier finds at thrift stores, since they've always been around.

Zara's Trafaluc line and H&M always sell some of my favorites.

H&M, Blouse, retails 29.95 USD.

Zara, Blouse with Pearls on the Collar, retails 59.90 USD.

I also picked up this cute short-sleeved top with a peter pan collar from a Korean store a few weeks ago. I love that the sleeves are a chiffon material and black with white polka dots. And while I was blatantly ripped off by the store owner (she claimed it was worth $65 and she was giving me the "summer discount" - but let's not kid ourselves), I bought the blouse anyways out of the sheer cuteness of it.

Rowky (Korean retailer), Kara Blouse in White and Mint, retails 15.00 USD.

The top runs pretty big, but I actually think it looks more effortless that way and the front can even be tucked in to pants while the tail end hangs out to give the illusion of being more fitted.

There are also detachable collars as well, which I absolutely love, trending both stateside and in Asia,  but maybe I'll save that discussion for another day.

Anyone else a collar enthusiast like me?


  1. I love collars too!
    Lovely blog btw :)

    1. Thanks! And I just started following your blog :)